8 Mar 5:01
1 year ago
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# Goku
19 Aug 22:25
3 years ago
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I wanted to see cute Vegeta so here it is.


22 Jul 18:07
3 years ago
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tobyaudax replied to your post: I kinda miss everything here… Maybe I’ll post /on…

I super miss you being here! Good luck with school and I do hope to see you around! :D

Tobyyyyy! I miss you too! :D

I’ll deffo give it a shot & try and post more :3

22 Jul 5:47
3 years ago
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I kinda miss everything here…

Maybe I’ll post /on occasion/

But I started cosmetology school last week & am barely on my personal tumblr.

So I can’t promise huge, daily spams like before.

Plus so many others have been posting DB fanart as well, so I’m sure you all have your fix. LOL

But I’ll do my best. (>.<)

22 Jul 5:45
3 years ago
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Pretty sure you've always wanted to see me naked.. Well.. I'm feeling pretty adventurous today so go to datelink5(dot)com (switch [dot] with .) then sign up and find my profile under the username 'lolsummer69'. I hid my face in the pictures. but I want you to guess who I am and then hit me up on Facebook lol. Good luck.


I had to come back when I got this LMAO…

21 Jun 18:21
3 years ago
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It was fun.

26 May 20:18
3 years ago
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Hiatus (‘Til July)

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting a lot lately. It takes a bit of time to collect new images and such, and I’m doing a lot in preperation for Anime Expo in July.

With that, I’m gonna go on hiatus at least until July. I may be back sooner, but I doubt it ‘cause I want to dedicate time offline to finish my cosplays.

If that’s a while to wait, I’ll understand any unfollows.

For those who decide to stick around, I’ll see you then!

20 May 13:51
3 years ago
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Videl: 待ちなさい!
Great Saiyaman: NOOOOOO!

20 May 13:47
3 years ago
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